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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a Halal Caterer?

Yes. We are Halal certified caterer. Serving the region since 1974.

What is the portion of the food provided like?

We pride ourselves for using only quality ingredients and our servings cater to the exact no. of guests based on your order. As good food runs out fast, we encourage you to order an extra 10% to act as a buffer for your guests

Are vegetarian meals available?

Vegetarian meals can be arranged upon request. Alternatively you may change some of the dishes in the buffet to vegetarian options.

Catering Service

What is a Mini Buffet?

A Mini Buffet is recommended for 20-25pax. Buffet tables, food warmers and disposable cutlery will be provided.

Are table decorations provided?

All complete buffet set up includes an artificial flower centerpiece (unless otherwise indicated). Creative thematic set up services are available at an additional price.

What is the colour of the table skirting for regular buffet?

The colour of the table skirting is maroon-red or beige cream.

Are cutleries provided?
  • Yes, disposable cutleries are provided for all menus. 20% extra of cutleries are provided as additional buffer. Additional disposable cutlery is available at RM0.50/set.
  • For upgrade of cutlery to Melamine is chargeable at RM4/pax
  • For upgrade of cutlery to Porcelain is chargeable at RM6/pax
Are service staff provided?
  • Hiring of service staff is chargeable at RM80 per staff for 3 hours. Overtime charges of RM15 per staff per hour in chargeable thereafter.
  • Hiring of VIP service staff is chargeable at RM150 per staff for 3 hours. Overtime charges of RM15 per staff per hour in chargeable thereafter.
  • For order of Standard buffet catering with 100 pax and above, 2 service staffs will be provided for FREE . Additional service staff is chargeable as above.
Are takeaway boxes/containers provided?

No, we do not provide takeaway boxes/containers for leftover food. For quality and safe consumption, food should not be kept in room temperature for more than 4 hours from the time it is cooked at the caterer’s kitchen to the time it is consumed as advised by MOH.

Are additional warmers available?

Additional warmers are not available.

Do you remove the trash from the venue?

Yes. We will clear the rubbish from the venue after event


What is the rental cost for canopy, tables and chairs?
  • 1 set of Arabian canopy (20ft x 20ft) with 4 round tables with table cloth & skirting, and 40 plastic hilly chairs : RM450 (additional RM160 for seat covers with ribbons)
  • 1 set of dining tables with table cloth , and 10 plastic hilly chairs (no seat covers) : RM45/set

(Excluding transportation charges)

(All Prices are subject to 6% SST)


When do I make payment?
  • 50% deposit shall be made upon confirmation
  • Balance on function day (Or 8% daily interest will be charged for any outstanding amount)
How can I make payment?

Payment can be made by:

  • IBG (Payable to ICFF Catering Sdn Bhd, RHB bank Bhd. Acc # 2011-38000-23001)
  • By cash
  • By cheque .( Cheques must be crossed and made payable to “ICFF Catering Sdn Bhd”.)


How can I place an order?

You can place an order via:

Telephone or Whatsapp


Operating Hours:

How many days in advance do I need to place an order?

Orders have to be placed 5 to 7 days in advance (subject to availability)

Can I make changes to dishes in my chosen menu for others in another menu?

Yes, dishes of the same or lower price range can be exchanged. If the exchanged dish is of a higher value, a surcharge of the difference in the dish price will be applicable.

Can I cancel my order after payment has been made?

An administrative charge of RM30 will be applicable for cancellation of orders after payment has been made.

Can I make any last minute changes to my order?

Any changes must be made 3 working days prior to event date (subject to availability)

Will there be any additional charges if I need to make a last minute cancellation of my order?

In an event cancellation after confirmation, the following cancellation charges will apply – 50% of the total amount to be charged if less than 48 hour notice from the function date given or the deposit of 50% will be forfeited.